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May 16, 2021 •

Oftentimes a parent hopes to get their adolescent into counseling, but they are not willing to attend. In cases like this parents are encouraged to come in by themselves so they can work on strategies that will be helpful for their parenting. But in most of my experience, once the adolescent comes to the first counseling session they often decide that it will be beneficial for them. Many adolescents come in by themselves and prefer to work through issues without the parent present. When beneficial the parents will be included in the counseling process.

If you have an adolescent who isn’t sure they want to come into counseling, or is unwilling, we recommend that you have them check out our website and social media outlets themselves, so that they judge for themselves by looking into their specific therapist.

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We serve all age ranges of clientele, 4 and up. Sessions are usually 45-50 minutes but can be scheduled longer if a more intensive approach is preferred by the client.

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