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May 16, 2021 •

The first session is an initial intake session that is about an hour. During this time, it’s like going to the doctor for the first time, when there are multiple topics discussed in order for our therapist to get the most information as possible to understand you and your life to the best of our ability. You can rest assured that during this time, I am interested to know what you see as the problem and your wanted goals for counseling. Together we will discuss length of counseling and get a good agreed upon plan, allotting plenty of time for your questions.

Most importantly, we desire for you to walk away after the first session and feel you were heard and understood by your counselor. It is also important that you feel your counselor is a good fit for you

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We serve all age ranges of clientele, 4 and up. Sessions are usually 45-50 minutes but can be scheduled longer if a more intensive approach is preferred by the client.

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